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My Girl
Drama 마이 걸 / My Girl
Country South Korea
Director Jeon Ki-Sang, Bae Tae-Sub
Writer Hong Jung-Eun, Hong Mi-Ran
Transmitted 14th December 2005 to 2nd February 2006
Cast Lee Dong-Wook, Lee Da-Hae, Lee Joon-Gi, Park Si-Yeon
Details 16 episodes
Themes Love triangles, impersonation
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The confidence trickster daughter of a gambling swindler is persuaded to pretend to be the long-lost granddaughter of a rich tycoon who's on his deathbed. Unfortunately her impersonation isn't a one night gig, and she is trapped by her own lies into living the life of luxury. Against her better judgment she and her 'cousin' yearn to be kissing cousins. When her charade is exposed can she lie her way out of it?

The leads from the Hong Sisters' first drama (Choon Hyang) appear in a cameo right at the end. There's also parodies of films like ''Leon'' which are funny, but don't really fit well into the drama as a drama. So less mature (from one point of view) than later dramas by the Hong Sisters.

The relationship between lies and truth is a key thread in this drama. If you treat a lie as being true does it become the truth? So the Joo Yoo-rin character (the trickster girl) weaves myths about ways to be blessed, or to get wishes answered, which become part of the logic of the drama like Internet rumours going viral.

Watchable enough, if feeling a little unpolished.