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The Master's Sun
Drama 주군의 태양 / The Master's Sun
Country South Korea
Director Jin Hyeok
Writer Hong Jung-Eun, Hong Mi-Ran
Transmitted 7th August to 3rd October 2013
Cast So Ji-Sub, Kong Hyo-Jin, Seo In-Guk, Kim Yoo-Ri
Themes Ghosts, love square, wealthy family, identical twins
Details 17 episodes
Links Official website Asian Wiki Korean Drama
"The Master's Sun" is a TV mini-series written by the Hong sisters who have written a number of successful such mini-series. It starts Kong Hyo-jin as a woman troubled by her ability to see ghosts. By chance she finds touching the CEO of a giant mall frees her temporarily from her occult affliction. Step by misstep she and the CEO begin to relate to each other.

This is a romance - by the end all has been resolved much as in one of Shakespeare's lighter works. It is perhaps darker than other mini-series by the Hong sisters, but not that dark. Comedy wins out over melodrama, and there are some genuinely funny moments. It has appeal even to Westerners, in fact I think it could be remade with changes as a Western TV mini-series.

The CEO (So Ji Sub) is an entertaining character, especially when he's being mean and insensitive. There is some sharp dialogue in here, and emotionally charged scenes. The romance swings between extremes, and is only balanced in the final episode. There is also some depth here, real people behaving in real ways.