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Prince of Prince
Drama 프린스의 왕자 / Prince of Prince
Country South Korea
Director Choi Hyung Joon, Shin Joo Hwan
Writer Kim Min Hye
Transmitted 8th June 2015 to 19th June 2015
Cast Choi Jong Hoon, Im Yoon Ho, Yuna
Themes Not sure
Details 10 15-minute episodes
Links Official website Korean Drama Han Cinema
This is based on a web cartoon, and perhaps if I could read Korean and had read that cartoon I might understand it a bit more. Set in the world of a fantasy game developer, a rich guy forces his way into the game company to save his younger otaku and cosplay fixated younger sister. It's quite watchable and inventive without being readily comprehensible to me.

There's overt references to the "Choon Hyang" drama (which the Hong Sisters based their first drama on).

Appropriately for a drama based on a web cartoon this was a web drama - judging by it they are very fast paced to the point of incoherence.