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Liar Game 2 (2010)
Name ライアーゲーム ~シーズン2~ / Liar Game
Country Japan
Director Hiroaki Matsuyama, Ayako Oki, Kunihiro Nagase
Writer Shinobu Kaitani (manga), Tsutomu Kuroiwa
Transmitted 10th November 2009 to 19th January 2010
Cast Toda Erika, Matsuda Shota, Rinko Kikuchi
Details 9 episodes
Themes Swindling, debt, trust
Links Asian Wiki
A sequel series to the original Liar Game which is more of the same fun. Our innocent college student played by Toda Erika gets to be a little more intelligent but mostly it's Matsuda Shota's suave swindler getting our heroine out of trouble.

The series is also setting the stage for the movie with the final stage and game.