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Kill Me, Heal Me
Drama 킬미, 힐미 / Kill Me, Heal Me
Country South Korea
Director Kim Jin Man, Kim Dae Jin
Writer Jin Soo Wan
Transmitted 7th January to 12th March 2015
Cast Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-Eum, Park Seo Joon
Themes Split personality, wealthy family, mystery
Details 20 episodes
Links Asian Wiki Korean Drama Han Cinema
The son of a powerful rich family has split personalities as the result of a traumatic childhood. He gets help from an intern psychriatist, but she comes to be more than a secret doctor.

The mystery, and the echoes of the past resonating in the present, work surprisingly well for most of the serial. Yes I felt the characters were rather dumb not to work the mystery out earlier, it could have been more complicated. The beginning is stronger than the end, but most TV serials are like that. There's quite a lot of comedy, and also effective melodramatic scenes. The soundtrack is very good, great at creating moods and enhancing the watching experience. Ji Sung does well to portray the seven personalities, he must have had fun doing this serial.