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The expect script command is used to check that a sequence of script commands works as intended. It is used to guard against the structure of a website changing, or bugs in a script, meaning that elements being scanned for are not found.

An example:
expect Site Type "Broken Sword II - The Smoking Mirror" "Broken Sword II - The Smoking Mirror" Base+"walkthroughs/BrokenSwordII/index.htm"
url ""
every A
attribute href Url
match Url "walkthroughs/.*"
text Title
write Site Type Title Title Base+Url
Here the expect command checks that a walkthrough for the 2nd Broken Sword game is found on the Mystery Manor website.

The expect command works by executing the following script commands, checking for writes matching the arguments to the expect command. If no such writes are found then an error is raised when the expect command backtracks.