Drama스웨덴 세탁소 / Sweden Laundry
CountrySouth Korea
DirectorJung Hwan-Suk
WriterKim Yoon-Hee, Lee Eun-Young
Transmitted21st November 2014 to 6th March 2015
CastSong Ha-Yoon, Bae Noo-Ri, Hwang Young-Hee
ThemesSupernatural powers, romance
Details16 episodes
LinksOfficial website Asian Wiki Korean Drama Han Cinema
Sweden Laundry
The put-upon middle child of a family gets given a supernatural power by her dead grandmother. The power to tell from people's clothes what they're worried about. The downside is she has to help them. This quirky comedy of manners manages to be fresh, helped by its starting premise being so original. It's not dramatic, but there are a host of interesting characters and twists and turns. A cat also pops up here and there.

Watching this gets a sense of modern Korea, the way people are - that's the way it feels to me. So it's country which is very technological yet people still consult psychics. Parents seek to live through their children.

A slight shame that the heroine doesn't tie the knot by the end of the drama, but it's a rewarding watch.