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This is the personal website of Peter Rootham-Smith (Peter is fine.) Welcome!

I drive a Skoda, and my favourite colour is blue. My interest include films and TV, books, computer games, Go, and software.

I'm currently watching Maids, and currently playing Divinity: Original Sin.

I'm married to Virginia who has made some cakes. We like eating out. Virginia likes yoghurt and rhubarb, I prefer peanut butter. We have a couple of lovely cats, Tabitha and Amelia. We belong at Girton Baptist Church.

There's a diary on this website of notable events, assorted links, and how to contact me.

For a list of what's in this website see Index.

My Girl (03 Mar 2015)
Just finished watching Korean TV drama "My Girl"

Chiquitos restaurant (28 Feb 2015)
Decided it was time to add a new dining place

AdventureX convention (10 Dec 2014)
I saw the 4th AdventureX convention on the Saturday

Responsive layout rework (11 Oct 2014)
The HTML and CSS behind the website have been changed to make the webpages respond to different browser sizes.

Azura cruise (03 Oct 2014)
We've just been to the Central Med on a cruise!

Removing books from iBooks by a backdoor (06 Sep 2014)
Books which haven't been bought can't be deleted inside iBooks - here's one approach to removing them.

Walking to work (20 Jul 2014)
I can now walk to work as my employers moved office specially

Dad's 90th birthday outing (22 Jun 2014)
My father celebrates his ninetieth birthday at Anglesey Abbey

Another look at the Lake District (16 May 2014)
Virginia and I have a few days in the Lake District.

Virginia's 50th birthday (27 Apr 2014)
Celebration with a Ceilidh.

Thursford Xmas Show (16 Dec 2013)
Virginia and I go for a third time to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular.

"Card 2013" officially released! (16 Dec 2013)
As good as it's going to get.

Build 6 of "Card 2013" (14 Dec 2013)
Improved the image loading to speed up going between scenes.

Build 5 of "Card 2013" (02 Dec 2013)
Fix of one scene size, Internet Explorer, and added tooltips for two buttons.

Build 4 of "Card 2013" (16 Nov 2013)
A first draft of the entire game.

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